The Latest in Spa Skin Treatments

Some of the best spas around the world are launching a new range of result-oriented body and face treatments. These treatments use the best anti-ageing remedies to provide firm, toned and improved skin. Tools used in these treatments include oxygen machines, mineral make-up products and ultrasound apparatus. Many of these treatments are performed in laser clinics inAustraliaand world over.

The most popular treatments

Sculpt and tone is an anti-ageing treatment that uses highly effective and advanced products to remove excess water from the body. It also stimulates circulation and makes skin firm. It helps reshape your body and lends a more youthful appearance. Getting this facial can enhance the results from procedures like dermal fillers and other wrinkle treatments.

Rejuvenating skin treatments help reduce the signs of ageing. A soothing blend of natural ingredients fromBrazilis used for these. It gives quick results and improves your skin tone and elasticity. It also gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles by naturally increasing the production of collagen.

Enzyme peels effectively reduce pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines. Steaming and deep cleansing are carried out before applying the enzyme peel. This helps open up the pores so that your skin gets the best of the enzyme treatment.

Manicures are now being designed to make your hands look younger. The treatments help give a smooth texture and reduce brown spots that are caused by exposure to the sun. Pedicures entail thorough exfoliation to makes the skin on your feet soft. This is done prior to a hydrating foot mask that relaxes swollen ankles and feet.

The use of ultrasound and LED light

Intensive lifts are also very popular. These can be customized according to your specific needs. A tiny micro current is incorporated into your skin. This naturally lifts your skin by diminishing puffiness. It firms up the skin and gives immediate results. You can add LED light therapy or ultrasonic therapy for enhanced results. These lights pass through the upper layers of the skin without affecting them. They can penetrate up to 1 inch deep and fix unhealthy and injured cells and tissues.

There are different kinds of light therapy for treating different skin conditions. Red light makes you look younger, while blue LED light is great for acne and pimples. These rays have been proven to be safe and effective by scientists all over the world. These treatments are becoming as popular as the procedures that have been around for a while like laser hair removal.


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